Agape Aid Trust – Disclaimer

Since there are different opinions and schools of thought in the spheres of faith and child development, it is important to be aware of the difference between opinions on various issues of our lives, and the fundamentals of a Faith.

If anyone is offended by anything written on this site, please think, “What is the attitude of my heart?”

Muslims were offended and demonstrated worldwide over cartoons published by a group of provocative, Danish atheists.

Why should such cartoons offend one?

Is it reasonable to expect a fundamentalist atheist to understand faith? After all, it is precisely because of their inability to understand faith that they are atheists.

We publish articles on this site in the spirit of free speech.

There is always the risk that someone, somewhere, may be offended by comments or articles published on this site. We apologize in advance, as the comments, or article would not have been intended that way.