Being a Social Orphan

Social Orphans Social orphans are children with at least one living parent, but for no fault of their own, have been placed in an institutionalized childcare facility. They are at the bottom of the social scale for children. The term “Fallen Leaf Syndrome” has been coined to describe their situation: a mental attitude as a result … Read more

Project Plan

Agape Trust Project Plan for Young Mothers How It Started Many children in the Polish institutional orphanage system are second or third generation social orphans. Supporting the young women who have recently left the orphanage to cope with a life in normal society can stop this dysfunctional cycle and save the next generation from an … Read more

History of Polish Orphanages

Polish orphanages have a history of child-centered care, unlike state orphanages in some other eastern European countries. The Polish foster care system dates from the end of the Polish-Russian War, which followed World War I, when the country struggled with the numbers of war orphans. There was then, already a functioning orphan care system, the … Read more

Polish Orphans

Dom Dziecka – Children’s Homes Every child should have someone who loves them… There are 25000 children living in the state orphanages in Poland… All these children have suffered emotional traumas of various kinds. They have need of extra support through therapy and coaching. The Polish orphanage system lacks the resources that would make the … Read more